Believe In Yourself!

Where is your mind right now? How strong is your belief in what it is you’re doing? Lastly what are you telling yourself when you look in the mirror? Here’s my pep talk to myself when I look in the mirror. ” I will always be positive, I’m going to trust the plan I have laid out. I believe in the process and I know I can win through all odds.” Then I smile at my good looking self repeating “I can do it“. Please share what you may say to yourself, what’s your pep talk?


You can do it!

After giving serious thought on the word and message I’m getting that confidence is purely from within. It’s a willingness to strive for something. Looking yourself in the mirror and giving that “I can do it” pep talk. To be confident is just being you but being you with a strong fortitude (strength of mind).

“Quickkie’s Wisdom Conqueror Of Life”

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Never Give Up!


Life takes you on missions with modes to SURVIVAL..

When trying to achieve success the world is your RIVAL..

Have the ability to adapt to any SITUATION..

Never will you give up, no matter what you’re FACING..

Adversities comes you know how to MANAGE..

Sacrificing whatever to cause minimum DAMAGE..

Executing a plan to survive is ESSENTIAL..

You need to be strong physically, but mostly it’s MENTAL..

Caught in extreme conditions your back against the WALL..

Will you fight, Will you fold, Will you break or stand TALL..

When dealing with it all and needing to make a DECISION..

Your puzzle never complete with a main piece MISSING..

Using your intellect with everything you deal WIT..

No matter the hardship you got to be RESILIENT..

Don’t Doubt Yourself!

Never doubt you can make it! Question for you to ask yourself, If you don’t make it who will? Life deals us hands that we think are impossible for us to handle. But after dealing with what comes our way we see that nothing is impossible for you to overcome. The quote “If you can take it, You can make it” comes from the movie “Unbroken”. All about being resilient. Once again giving up is never an option!