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Friday’s Final Thought (Lessons)

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Friday’s Final Thought (Lessons)

Your goal in life has to be trying to be a better person. That’s what life is all about. To be better, mistakes will be made, lessons will be learned not for just you but for someone else. Part of your job is to share those lessons so the same mistakes don’t get made by someone else. The best teachers are the one’s who speak to what they have went through to help better someone else’s life. Be sure to share some of your life learned lessons with someone……..Also share a SMILE



Life lessons oh why

why do you trouble me so

I guess if problems didn’t occur

I wouldn’t learn or wouldn’t grow

With every frustrating obstacle

There’s a hidden lesson

With every wounding defeat

There’s an underlining blessing

Your still here; You’ve made it

Showing your determination and fight

Building wisdom and knowledge

To pass along and help shed some light

There’s always someone watching

Who can learn from your past

Your life lessons make great examples

Share your wisdom and make it last

Don’t Be A Fool

Old saying: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. How true, if you fail to learn anything from your past experiences. Patience is everything in one’s life, to avoid being someone’s fool understand what you are getting into. No one is perfect and mistakes will happen, it’s the repetition of those mistakes that makes you a fool. Don’t Be No One’s Fool!