Friday’s Final Thought (Observation)

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Look around and evaluate your support system and your go to team. Know your key players and know who you may need to trade in. To reach your goals and dreams it’s very important to have a winning team on board. No frowns, only smiling faces and positive energy! So consider it drafting time and pick your winning team and remember to flash that winning SMILE!


Take Notice


Take a look around

Tell me what do you see

Do you sense positive vibes

Or is it pure negativity


Be surrounded by ambition

People who are moving ahead

Don’t waste your time stagnant

Living life amongst the dead


Your circle should be filled with love

Uplifting and encouraging you to grow

If all you receive is discouragement

Then maybe you should let them go


Everyone will not cheer you on

Not everyone is on your team

Some people will be fake

And may not be who they seem


While you’re crossing that finish line

Notice who doesn’t clap when you win

If that person is in your circle

Then that’s definitely not a good friend

Take Notice….

Who is your coach?

Have you ever been in a difficult situation and asked someone for their advice? Well depending on whom you ask things could go left or right. If you ask a “Debbie Downer” then you will only get a negative response, only pointing out the cons in the situation. But if you ask someone who has a positive mindset they will help you see both the pros and cons of the situation and help you make the best decision for yourself. So be careful who you reach out for support and leadership.

Who is on your team?

Take a look around and see who is by your side. If you’re surrounding does not feel positive or encouraging you may need to make some changes. It’s an amazing feeling to be in the presence of those that are supportive and uplifting. Learn to cheer each other on and motivate one another genuinely. There’s nothing worse than a team member that is secretly rooting for the other team, eliminate the haters and all negative energy.

Black Mirrors

No reflection is needed; The competitive spirit fights and searches for a visual….

The darkness will not allow it to flourish….

What you seek to find is internal….

Darkness can be scary, but as it becomes apart of your life, you become immune to it, you adapt, you adjust….

The reflection you so desperately look for is dying for freedom….

To be seen, identified, by who? “You”!!

The mirror represents (The Will)

The “Will” to dig deep inside, remove all the pride, ego, and false images….

Each and everyday we stare into the (Mirror Of Life)

Are we who we say we are?

Do we put 100% effort into things we deem important….

Reflection is integrity, to always do the right thing when no one is looking….

Reflection is compromise, to make the situation correct or someone feel good regardless the circumstance or if things is in your favor….

Reflection is real, and real needs no explanation….

Do not let your “Mirror Of Life” be cosmetic…. You are being critique at all times, The mirror looks back at you….