The Human Race

“Put Yourself In The Shoes Of Others” We are all human beings, and all members of the human race. Can we human beings learn to treat one another just like we would want to be treated, or do we ignore the fact that we all have feelings and we all hurt and we all need love and friendship? To make the world an enjoyable place to live, we have to care for each other as fellow family members of the human race.


Friday’s Final Thought (FAILURE)

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What’s the risk in bettering yourself? Is it worth it?……. Yes!! Don’t be afraid, take the risk! Sometimes failure comes from fear, face your fears head on and know that it’s necessary in order to be successful. Have you ever risked it all, played it big, went all in? Sometimes in life you have to take a gamble and go with your gut! Put on a SMILE and let that be your poker face. Will you take the risk or will you fold?

My Motto

You got this! You can do it! Don’t let anything stop you! Say it with me “I can do this! I got this! I am a beast! I will not give up! If I fail I will try again! I will never give up on ME!” Make this your motto and use it for motivation. When you’re feeling weak remember why you started, remember why you want it so bad. Remember to NEVER GIVE UP!

Have you ever failed in life?

Have you given up, thrown in the towel and quit? When you face failure learn why you failed, grow from it and come back like a beast! Practice and master your craft and learn to be better. In order to find out what works you normally find out what doesn’t work out first. Give it your all! Let failure be your fuel to press on and keep going. When you feel like giving up push a little harder, take the extra step, run the extra mile. Don’t give up on your dreams, whatever you do don’t quit!