Black Mirrors

No reflection is needed; The competitive spirit fights and searches for a visual….

The darkness will not allow it to flourish….

What you seek to find is internal….

Darkness can be scary, but as it becomes apart of your life, you become immune to it, you adapt, you adjust….

The reflection you so desperately look for is dying for freedom….

To be seen, identified, by who? “You”!!

The mirror represents (The Will)

The “Will” to dig deep inside, remove all the pride, ego, and false images….

Each and everyday we stare into the (Mirror Of Life)

Are we who we say we are?

Do we put 100% effort into things we deem important….

Reflection is integrity, to always do the right thing when no one is looking….

Reflection is compromise, to make the situation correct or someone feel good regardless the circumstance or if things is in your favor….

Reflection is real, and real needs no explanation….

Do not let your “Mirror Of Life” be cosmetic…. You are being critique at all times, The mirror looks back at you….


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