Friday’s Final Thought (Emerge)

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Friday’s Final Thought (Emerge)

Be A Lamp Lighter and Emerge as the source of the spark that overcomes the darkness that life may bring. Be Strong & Keep Your Faith! Make it your goal to shine as bright as you can for all to see, in hope others will follow that light. (You know people are watching) Emerge into Your Greatness……..SMILE while doing it


Fire Within

Fire Within

Feeling discouraged and confused

When obstacles appear

Not knowing how you’ll make it

Being overcome with fear


Through the darkness feel your potential

Where there’s pain there’s strength

Just pray a little harder

Then a miracle starts to begin


No vision at all

No focus, no clue

Reset your confidence

Realize it was always within you


Break free from your doubts

Awaken from your dream

Spark things into motion

It’s not as hard as it seems


As the light rushes in

Your vision will become bright

Now it’s time to spread your wings

And emerge into the light





Emerge Out Of Your Shell

Wait no longer on anything that you’re trying to accomplish. It’s time for you to get out that shell and EMERGE to the person you know you are. They say “nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream” there’s nothing wrong with dreaming but for how long? Let’s wake up and start performing! Start lighting those lamps in places where no one would imagine. Believe In Yourself! You Can Do Anything!

Be A Lamp Lighter

In olden days there was a person in every town who would light the street lamps with a light they carried at the end of a long pole. On the street corners the lamps were there in readiness, waiting to be lit; sometimes however, the lamps are not easily accessible. You must be the light, the flame that light all the lamps, both the easily accessible and in the forsaken places. The lamp lighter defeats the darkness. Let that be you, focus on being the lamp lighter.

Better Together

Together we are stronger

I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine

Together we are tougher

Fighting together well be just fine

Never think you are alone

Just reach out and I’ll be there

Ready to lend a hand

Or just a supportive listening ear

When times get hard

And your confused with doubt

Just give me a call

And together we will work it out

Two minds in harmony

Are always better than one

Together we shall succeed

Getting the task at hand done