Critical Decisions

Critical Decisions

The floor has been given to you

There is no choice in the matter, it’s your time to dance

Will you become a trendsetter or victim of circumstance

Presented with the opportunity to succeed and shine

Cast for a movie, but you can’t read the lines

Would you prefer a piece of mind or a MIND that went to pieces

If the smoke ever clears will you sneak through the creases

Will you crawl through the crack or let the turmoil bury you

The game is pure dope ant needle wants to marry you

Trapped in trenches, I see pain, I see struggle

Vision far from clear, I see a whole different hustle

As I sat and stared out of my window

Mothers got turned out, Fathers gone when the wind blows

When triumph become tragedies, situations become casualties

Where rich people replace money with agony

Inhale joy, exhale catastrophe

If I refuse will the world laugh at me

Accept the challenge, let’s mentor our youth

Instill morals and values so they can understand the truth

That reality has no fix prescription

This reality I speak of, last name Addiction

Say No To Drugs

Yes To LIFE!



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