When you put your mind to something work hard and believe in what you’re trying to do. Commit to it by giving it your all….100%


Friday’s Final Thought (Patience)

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Friday’s Final Thought (Patience)

Teaching each other what we know requires a great deal of patience because it’s very unlikely someone would get it the first time. It’s the caring from your heart, the concern from within to exercise that patience to keep trying to make someone better. Lastly, there’s patience in wanting to learn so don’t give up on trying something new. Always pursue what’s important to you. Practice patience in all you do. Remember it starts from within. Now practice smiling.

Stay In Control

Stay In Control

Patience is imperative but also a virtue. Certain decisions that’s made can haunt you or hurt you. Patience takes strength, it creates a full circle. You must condition yourself with unlimited stamina, strive for perfection. Patience is an attribute connected to life lessons. Will it take years, months, or maybe even days. Ability to be humble as you dissect each phase. This word contains a strong family. Will-power is the brother , the sister is calamity. Knowledge is the mother, awareness is the father. The consistency of these traits makes you a survivor. Stay in control, respect the process. Understand without struggle there will be no progress.

Where Is Your Patience?

Where is your patience in moments of decisions? Do you have enough control of yourself to assist others? Enough can’t be said about exercising patience on a daily basis. If the world showed more patience towards each other we would be living in a better place. If we showed patience to our youth how much better would they be. It’s too easy not to care, we as a society of all cultures must work together to teach each other what we know. By just being patient with each other.

Do You Have Patience?

Patience, Patience! I know everyone believes they have patience at work, school and at home. We display self control in our daily functions. The patience I want to discuss is the worth of others. The level of control your thoughts and actions have towards someone else. Having the clarity to see a situation arise before it happens and deciding not to engage or to help out is patience. Maintaining that understanding is what we as people need towards each other. Patience is about total control over the moment.

Friday’s Final Thought (FOCUS)

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Friday’s Final Thought (FOCUS)

Your Inner Realm is a make up of a certain understanding you should have within yourself. Staying focused is a mental toughness if you don’t have this toughness you’ll never get to where you want to go. We hope you set up some solid principles in your inner realm (mind) and apply them in your daily walks of life. If so, staying focused won’t be a problem nor smiling.