Friday’s Final Thought (FORTITUDE)

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Nothing goes to waste, not your failures or your earlier success. What you experienced yesterday stays with you today. You have the unique ability to master your past and change it for the better. All you have to do is pledge to follow your heart and develop that never quit attitude of a strong will. Keep Smiling While Your At It!


Speaking From Experience

Understand me when I say….
The road will be hard
There will be some ups and downs
But in the end it’s all worth it
Once your standing on firm ground

Believe me when I say….
You gotta have faith
Know that you can do it
Speak it into existence
Take action and get to it

Trust me when I say…
Don’t over think it
Or doubt yourself at all
Being negative before you start
Your guaranteed to fall

Listen when I say…..
Each day is a new beginning
Another chance to get it right
Keep aiming to do better
Keeping your end goal in sight

Be A Player, Not A Fan!

I recall a story that was told to me by an elderly man. He said that when fans go to see their favorite football team play but then leave early because their team is getting beat badly, they demonstrate weak will power, and a non-caring attitude. They blindly crave success and only success. They are not loyal. The players stay whether they are getting beat or whether they are winning, because they have loyalty to the team and are focused on a strong will power to represent their team in a favorable manner. Whether winning or losing the team players refuses to quit. In life, Be A Player! Not A Fan.

Will Power

The human being is not just superior to all of God’s creations of earth, vegetation and animals; There is a wide chasm between them. We have an everlasting will power to achieve, and to do and to build. You can go from nothing to becoming a great success, because of your will power. A strong heart, include both the physical and the spiritual, into it’s meaning. To be successful in a material way is outstanding but if it hardens your heart towards those less fortunate, then it becomes a lead weight around your neck, dragging you to the depths of depression and destruction. So the journey you will take to achieve success will require you to stay focused on being a good human being, developing a never quit will power, and enormous ability to endure failures and rejection, and finally to have enough energy to successfully mount your counterattack, against failure.

Friday’s Final Thought (Life As We Know It)

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Friday’s Final Thought (Life As We Know It)

I hope you enjoyed this week and really took notice to the piece “Life As We Know It”. It was written for encouragement when in doubt, an eye opener to those around you and a reminder of what lies inside of you. We would love to hear any responses. Question: When will you sign your name on the line? I hope you remember to smile