Don’t take time for granted!

We take for granted “Oh I’ll get to it”, well nothing is for certain, have you noticed. Life changing moments happen in the blink of an eye. That’s why you got to stay focused and pay attention to your Now. Have you ever read “The Power of the Now” by Eckhart Tolle, this book is life changing. It will teach you to check your ego and how to connect with your mind and body. The biggest thing you will learn is how to keep your mind in the Now.



The time is NOW

It’s all about the present moment. What’s going on at that moment of time will affect what’s next. A lot of the times our focus shifts to the future or thinking about the past. Very much understandable, but we can’t get stuck there. We must do our best now to take advantage of the moment. Too many things being pushed off to the side. As a society we’ve gotten lazy with this thing “We’ll take care of it tomorrow.” Please “No More” let’s start changing that thinking and do what you can while you have the opportunity to. Will you utilize the moment properly? Do you believe your NOW will shape your future?


Friday’s Final Thought (Anti-Depress)

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Friday’s Final Thought (Anti-Depress)

Life is a great thing, even though we don’t get all that we think we should. The beauty of life is that it offers so many different things for one to achieve. So don’t never stop trying and don’t think anything is owed to you. Stay persistence, keep your faith and always believe in you. If you fall get back up and keep fighting never to give up. Always walk with your chin up and with a smile.

Keep Your Chin Up!

Feelings and emotions can easily be blamed for downfalls and setbacks throughout many stages in life.

How many times have you failed at trying to accomplish something?

Quitting is not the answer because your cheating yourself out the process of allowing the things you go through to make you become the person you are.

Situations, problems, trials they are a bad wound.

In the beginning the wound is bleeding badly because it seems like their is no solution to the problem.

As time past it begins to scab up because you’re aware of what you been through and how you got to the place you are at.

Eventually the wound heals, now you realize and understand the process of growth.

Never give up and always keep your chin held high, be brave, be strong

Stay Firm

Through all struggles we must stay firm never to give up and never to let anything or anyone interfere with our judgments. Situations, problems will test us when least expected but being positive during those times will give the best results. Your attention to the moment is always the answer when things get hexed. We often let our emotions take over and that’s usually the wrong way to go. Being productive means having focus all the way to the end. Never give in to defeat, be strong and Always Keep Your Chin Up.

Life Is Precious

Life is so precious that we must treat each day like no other. With so much going on in our lives we get caught up and forget to appreciate the good moments we have. Often we are consumed with so much pressure from the things around us that we let it affect who we are. That must stop! Moving forward in your daily walks don’t be the victim of circumstances going on around you but be a champion who captures the moments by being positive in all situations.