A Poem About Fear


An unpleasant often strong emotion

caused by

what the eyes don’t see

but what the mind thinks.

It’s the speed of the heart beat that makes clear

that I’m aware

my peace has been deleted.

Fear what is, and not what can be.

What can be,

is bad expectations when positivity isn’t flowing through

the bloodline of one’s being! It’s dangerous when the

thought of danger bothers one’s peace

Being that, in most cases, that which is feared never

takes place.

Fear hath torment!

It’s an unnatural haunting

It dies when the heart is focused and the mind is always


Solutions not emotions, hope never hopelessness

Fear never leads

It’s to be stirred like the cold air

it leaves when summer’s near

when spring trees leaves fall

be aware, prepared

because fear is here to plant seed for the fall!


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