Whats in Your Inner Realm?

Your Inner Realm

Let me take you on a brief tour of MY INNER-SELF, where I will give you some insight into how I operate.

First, you should know that MY PERSONAL RESOLVE is as agile as a palm tree – it bends but never breaks.

Secondly, MY PRINCIPLES serves as the judge over any situation that may arise; and MY REASONING acts as a gavel, which I use as required, to keep MY CONDUCT in line. As we move further into MY INNER-SANCTUM, it is important that I mention how unwelcomed thoughts will attempt to penetrate this sacred domain, by disguising themselves as ideas that holds your best interest. If these fruitless suggestions are not detected they could spell disaster.

Therefore, MY VIGILANCE serves as a rod, which I keep at hand to fend off the (MENTAL) snakes – which, by the way, is a never ending task; especially in light of the inhospitable surroundings, along with the higher ideals I strive for. So, it is a must that MY INNER-SELF is kept intact.

Never allow skewed judgment to creep in. So I ask, how do you operate within YOUR INNER-REALM? Do you have a solid set of PRINCIPLES in place? **WARNING** THE VENOMOUS BITE OF (MENTAL) SNAKES COULD BE DEADLY!


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