Don’t Doubt Yourself

Never doubt you can make it! Question for you to ask yourself, If you don’t make it who will? Life deals us hands that we think are impossible for us to handle. But after dealing with what comes our way we see that nothing is impossible for you to overcome. The quote “If you can take it, You can make it” comes from the movie “Unbroken”. All about being resilient. Once again giving up is never an option!


Can You Take It?

If you can take it, easy for someone else to say. But after you really dig deep and reflect that you have taken what was thrown at you and you have made it thus far. Understanding the struggles you go through you must remain resilient in those times, you must find the strength to keep going because it’s who you are. The motto of “Never Give Up” has to be embedded in your heart. Believe….. you got to Believe you can make it and you will.


Friday’s Final Thought (Unbreakable)

Scan_20160221 (4)This weeks focus was a shout out to anyone having doubts about who they are or what they are doing. What are you doing is being who you are (A Rock) and no one will quite understand unless they have walked in “your” shoes. We all have our own path. So anytime you feel a need for strength or a reminder you can do it repeat “I am a Rock… I am a Rock…” Always keep your faith with the belief you can do it. Now for “yourself” SMILE.


You Are The Rock!

Unbreakable Wednesday.jpgThe Rock (You) that’s human has been tried and tested many of times in different ways when last expected. The resiliency you have is unbreakable because of the faith you possess and the love you attract from the strength you display. No one thing can define you yet because there’s so much more for you to do. Stay strong, no looking back be persistant moving forward. Know that many more tests are coming your way in which you will continue to do your best because you are a rock and your blood flow comes from a rare stock that only winners have 🙂