If not NOW then when?

Now Is The Time

If not “NOW”, Then when?

Take advantage of the opportunity that has been giving to you. Greatness comes in many forms, “NOW” is the time to identify yours. Love yourself enough to understand your worth and place in life.

If Not “NOW”, When?

Such a beautiful thing (HAPPINESS), Happiness is a Strength! A strength that’s developed from decisions no matter the outcome (Good or Bad). Do you know what true happiness is?

If Not “NOW”, When?

“NOW” Is The Time! The time to keep pushing forward even when it seems there is no hope. Procrastination drains you mentally and physically, which will eventually make you spiritually bankrupt, implement optimism in your life.

If Not “NOW”, When?

The “NOW” needs no permission, The “NOW” waits and depends on you. Endure the “NOW”! Get out of your own way.

If Not “NOW”, When?




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