Can you stay focused?

How easy is that right! Not hard at all right! Well it’s probably the hardest thing to do. So many of times you start something only to get side tracked with something else never to finish the project. If you ever plan on achieving anything you must stay locked in on that task at hand. Meaning total dedication to your goal. You must have a mental toughness within. A certain determination burning inside of you, setting a goal is one thing but staying focus to see it through is another. What do you have in place to help you stay focused?



Are you ready?

Life As We Know It (W).jpgMy favorite part of the process is when you realize how strong and dedicated you really are. When you won’t take no for an answer. If you listen to other people you’ll never achieve anything. The hairline fracture is spotted and you spotted it. Now step in front of that mirror and look at yourself, you see no quit in those eyes. Stay strong and focus there are people waiting to hear your #1 song. Are you ready, if so let’s go.



Life As We Know It (T)We are still talking about being resilient, not everyone possess this gene. That’s why there is a lot of hating, when people see someone trying to better their situation. “OH, look at her” or “He think he doing something”, these people don’t understand because they are the one’s who don’t fight for anything that’s worthy. As a determined person you must never give up! Most people give up right at the door of success, don’t be that person!!!


The beginning of your path

What we are discussing is the beginning of our path. Trying to figure out what direction to go, which crowd to hang with and what image do you need to portray to get where you want to be. Which brings us to choices, the choices you make will determine the path you walk. Those choices will ultimately define who you are. So be wise in your decisions it’s you who has to live with the choices you make. That’s why being resilient is key in life. If you’re not you’ll never get to where you need to be.


Life As We Know It (M)