About Quickkie Wisdom’s Thoughts

Quickkie’s Thoughts is all about spreading positivity and uplifting the mind and soul. It’s our goal to have a meaningful conversation that will cover different point of views. On our sites at Quickkie Wisdom on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we have been posting a word and message of the week for our followers. Now we would like to go a step further on this blog by having a more detailed discussion on the word and message we will post.

Our format will go as follows, Monday morning there will be a word and message for you to read and reflect on. On Tuesday I will start the conversation by letting you know what I took from the message. Wednesday will be Quickkie’s question day, encouraging any and all feedback. Thursday will be a poem or quote. Friday is Super Message Day, where I will give a final thought for the week.

I hope you will take some time out of your day to join me in a positive conversation. The only way we can grow is by trying to understand one anothers point of view. Ok, See you bright and early Monday 4/4/16 with our first word and message. Brighten someone’s day by giving them a big smile.

NOTE: Follow us at Quickkie Wisdom on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The word and message for the week will be different from what we will discuss here.


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