Friday’s Final Thought (FAITH)

Scan_20160221 (4) - CopyIn believing and having your faith a certain way, you do things how you see it, so don’t be so quick to judge someone else because they have their own beliefs. That’s the beauty of each person. One should never compromise their faith for someone else. Let your faith be what shines for all to see. Plus that smile.



A Pledge Of Faith

I Faith, know that every dream, hope and aspiration will evaporate into a cloud, that makes way for fate to rain down a desired reality all the while life is saying that the heart and the mind is falsifying and demoralizing the world’s mortal compass, but somehow faith makes your human mind think and believe in the things that you can’t even see, challenging the human eyes to see further then the 4 mile radius scientist have proved that the eyes would only reach, reach deep in your heart, you’ll find a mustard seed, it’s the smallest seed ever that grows into a tree, if you believe in the truth your faith shall do the same.


Where Is Your Faith

Where’s your faith? Is the world you’re living in made up from your faith? Your walk must be steady and clear never one to falter. Most people get in trouble because what they profess is not what they truly believe. Your faith is a strong showing of who you really are. You don’t have to wear it on your sleeve but always carry it with you.


Discussion of Faith

For me this is not a religious topic but a from within discussion. How strong is what you believe? I’m a firm believer in working to get anything I want. I stand firm on the belief of we all should be treated equal. My faith in those two examples help shape my world. The way I walk in my faith people love to be around me because it comes from my soul which shines for all to see.


Friday’s Final Thought (Caring)

This message has been on my mind all week. I really had to check myself to be better. There’s a lot more I could be doing to help many more people and different causes. If we show an interest in each other how strong would our country be. So we must do better and be better. Caring is nothing extreme, it’s simply showing a little love from your Heart. Let’s turn up our caring game. Remember to SMILE.Scan_20160221 (3) - Copy


A Poem About Caring


I want to speak on an emotional word, and that’s CARING.

It’s similar to love like seeing is to HEARING.

No matter the situation we must keep SHARING.

The knowledge to do right and be GOD FEARING.

Because when mistakes get made and tempers start FLARING.

You can be the story at Six News AIRING.

Now your parents is nurt and trust me, their heart is TEARING.

People you never met is commenting and COMPARING.

They trying to prove a point, they debating they SWEARING.

That your life was on course but this is when it start VARYING.

Our kids are our future believe me, yeah Im CHEERING.

It’s my wish for this generation to grow-up PERSERVERING.