Emerge Out Of Your Shell

Wait no longer on anything that you’re trying to accomplish. It’s time for you to get out that shell and EMERGE to the person you know you are. They say “nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream” there’s nothing wrong with dreaming but for how long? Let’s wake up and start performing! Start lighting those lamps in places where no one would imagine. Believe In Yourself! You Can Do Anything!


“Quickkie’s Wisdom Conqueror Of Life”

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Check out “Quickkie’s Wisdom Conqueror Of Life”, this book was written to inspire, motivate and uplift you. We all stumble and go through obstacles in life and this book just lets you know that you are not alone! We provide true stories that are great examples of people that persevered no matter what they were going through. We also have words of wisdom and poetry to help encourage you to stay strong to push through adversity and most importantly to never give up! Paperback available on Amazon & CreateSpace $9.99 (black and white) $19.99 (Color) Also eBook available as well $4.99 on Smashwords


Be Determined!


D-    Don’t let anything stop you!

E-     Empower yourself for success

T-     Train and grow stronger

E-     Elevate your mind

R-    Remember you are AWESOME

M-   Motivation is Key!

I-      I CAN! Never I CAN’T


E-     Emerge into your GREATNESS!

D-    Dedication makes it happen!

Keep Going

Quickkie’s Book of Wisdom is an e-book about real life stories of people who did not give up. These amazing people faced some troubling times in their life but kept their faith and kept going not matter what. It takes not only determination but strength and courage to keep trying until you’ve reached your goal. No matter what life throws your way never give up!