Hand in Hand

Any person no matter how poor or destitute they are can and will have certain values that they will hold dear. Values are nuggets of gold that we humans consider precious, and which are attached to our very souls. We have values that attach to family and to loved ones. Remember values and ethics go hand in hand.

Friday’s Final Thought (Integrity)

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Friday’s Final Thought (INTEGRITY)

Really tough times for everyone and it’s time for US to come together as one. Just because you have a different belief than someone else doesn’t mean we still can’t be one. As a nation we have came together on many of occasions, well it’s time for US to come together again. Let INTEGRITY be the guide to helping you help and understand someone else. Let’s start a “UNITED” Front Today……..with a SMILE




The best of the best, The Grandfather of all words.

Just about every word possible intertwine with integrity.

At the top of the food chain it remains there presently.

It defines situations or the image of an individual.

Self-awareness throughout life makes all things considerable.

Compromise integrity is labeled as pitiful.

To understand/appreciate it’s value is mental, not physical.

Integrity has produced a generation of words under it’s family tree.

Many have the status of a celebrity.

Divide character into decisions and end up with Integrity.


Who Are You?

It’s so easy to think you’re right when judging a situation but to truly be fair you must be willing to hear and understand the other side. There’s not enough of that going on; no one wants to listen anymore. We are so close but so divided. We implore everyone to start showing compassion for one another. Let’s take the time to understand each other before an opinion is made. Your integrity is a bedrock of who you really are. We are a good nation so let’s start showing it.